Welcome to Bottle & Branch's Virtual Christmas Tree Lot! We're so glad you found us, as we've sourced the best fir trees in the Midwest and are happy to deliver them direct to your door! We take all COVID-19 safety precautions with masked and gloved delivery, either contactless to your doorstep or full-service including setup. Don't have a stand? We've got you covered. Not the greatest with lights? We have a full team of Clark Griswolds so that your tree arrives ready to plug and play. Want to really deck the halls? Check out our wreath and garland options. Don't want to mess with hauling your tree away after the holidays? We'll do the dirty work. See below for the lowdown.



Our classic fir trees average 7-feet high for a perfect fit in most apartments and homes with 8-foot ceilings, but feel free to reach out if you'd like something different, from teeny-tiny tabletop trees to oversized beauties. If we're handling delivery and/or setup, skip to the next section! For you DIY-ers, keep in mind that in order to keep your tree looking its best through Christmas, tree trunks must receive a fresh cut upon placing in stands (which should be sized to hold 8-foot trees), and water should be replenished regularly, ideally with a splash of tree preservative. Do not place tree within direct contact of a heat vent or fireplace, as this will quickly dry it out. With proper hydration, you can expect your trees to hold their needles well for three to four weeks. 



For those purchasing a specific tree in person at one of our four Chicago tree lot outposts (see below for partnering restaurants and bars), once your order is processed simply show your email receipt to a staff member on site and they'll tag your tree as sold. A Bottle & Branch elf will follow up via email or phone within 24 hours to confirm delivery details. On the morning of delivery, you will receive a confirmation text with a narrowed window of arrival as well as a 15-minute heads-up text. Upon arrival, one of our masked and gloved Santa's helpers will either execute contactless delivery by leaving the tree on your doorstep with a confirmation text or, if full-service setup is selected, will give the tree trunk a fresh cut, carry the tree inside and install your tree in your stand or ours. Helpers are equipped with hand brooms to ensure a clean path on their way out.



We will be happy to come collect your tree after the holidays, either picking it up curbside or bundling and removing it from your home. Either way, please remove all ornaments and lights from the tree prior to your scheduled pick-up day. If we're doing the removal for you, our helpers will handle cleanup of needles dropped on their way out. All trees will be recycled at authorized recycling centers.

7ft+ Christmas Tree

LED Lights
Tree Stand