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At Bottle & Branch, we pair plants with people, and support them both every step of the way. We've created a virtual hub for plant lovers of all experience levels to find the perfect plants, as well as the tools to keep them thriving.

Here's how it works: Each plant we list for sale is tagged with its light requirements and maintenance level, plus is listed in our Plant Care Glossary for easy reference on care. You'll find a good starting point in our Plant Care 101, a compendium of tips from our team of experienced plant care technicians. We'll also be regularly updating our Green Thumb Tutorials [bold and hyperlink once we add one] with helpful videos, hands-on demos of solutions to common plant issues.


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Still not sure where to start? Submit a Pick My Plant form.
Bought a plant from us and have a question? We offer free lifetime support via
email and can also coordinate Zoom or in-person care consultations for a nominal fee of $30 for 30 minutes, which gives us enough time to assess and treat up to 10 plants.

Want us to take it from here? We offer maintenance services performed by experienced plant technicians who will visit your home or business weekly for $75/hr. Our team maintains hundreds of plants across Chicago in hotels, restaurants and residences, and practices safety protocols by wearing masks, gloves and scheduling visits at an optimal time for distancing. Services include watering, misting, rotating, cleaning of leaves and pots, fertilizing and organic-compliant pest control. Reach out directly for a free estimate.



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